Release log

The PMAPI is now out of beta!

v1.0.0 -

This is a very exciting time for the folks at! We launched the PMAPI in April 2013 and since then we've released 4 major and 8 minor milestones. Each release has shaped the functionality, performance, reliability and accessibility you can see today. Tomorrow, we look forward to integrations of all shapes, sizes and languages!

This release brings a number of improvements to our documentation, many of which are based on feedback we've received from developers who are integrating. We've also tinkered around under the hood, future-proofing and increasing performance. Lastly, a couple of endpoints have seen minor amendments.

All endpoints

The attributes cdate and mdate have been changed from type "int" to "decimal". This is because conditions exist where multiple records are created/modified at the same time, and pagination (when sorted by cdate or mdate) could repeat the same set of results endlessly. Decimalisation allows us to track events up to the millisecond, providing the 'fuzziness' required to progress through pages regardless of bulk actions, but maintaining the same level of accuracy.

Endpoint documentation

We've updated the endpoint page with content from our recently removed 'endpoint flow' guide. This has brought about a much more detailed view of each endpoint, including connections and available verbs.

Request format documentation

Based on feedback we've recently received from integrators, we've elaborated on documentation explaining our use of parameters in 'query string' vs 'request body'.

Automation documentation

We recently integrated with our own API and found some of the hints within the [*]Automation endpoints hard to follow. Hopefully you'll find this easier now!

3rd party Python client library

A third party developer has been working hard to bring a PMAPI client library to Python. If Python's your bag, check it out!


We've added search_id. As we don't currently support search functionality, this attribute can only be read/set with "null" value. Please keep an eye on Twitter for updates on our forthcoming search endpoint(s)!

In addition to search_id, we've rationalised the attributes smsuniquehardbounces and smsuniquesoftbounces into just smsuniquebounces. This change makes GET requests three orders of magnitude faster!


The attribute segmenttype is now required.


Attributes emailsuspended and smssuspended can no longer be used as filters.


We've fixed a bug where mdate was being erroneously returned on POST.