Release log

Create email and SMS messages

v0.1.3 -

This week's release rounds off the v0.1.x series of enhancements. In v0.1.2 we introduced the ability to send messages as tasks, today we're bringing you the ability to create new email and SMS messages for sending. I hope you'll agree, things are shaping up nicely!


Added the type attribute to indicate the send channel - email or sms.


We've intoduced the ability to view, create, modify and delete email messages with full support for personalisation and dynamic content!


In addition to email messages, we've introduced a comprehensive range of functionality for SMS messages.


The attribute message_id can no longer be modified by a PUT request.

Request format

Throughout this beta phase we've been running detailed analysis of our API. With these insights in mind, we have tweaked our approach to pagination and totals - allowing the PMAPI to scale indefinitely without performance penalties.

We have dropped total and offset from the request format. In their place, powerful combinations of start, count, sort and reverse can be used for pagination. This makes seqential data requests even easier!

To support these new changes in our endpoints, sorting behaviour has seen minor changes in automation, bounce, folder, form, list, subscriber, subscriberProfileData, subscriberProfileField, subscription and task. Contact and subscriberProfileData have also seen minor changes to filtering behaviours.