Get started v1.2

The things you'll need to know when you start working with our Permission Marketing API.

The platform

You'll need an account on the platform before you can start working with the API. Once you've logged into your account, you'll find all the details you need for API authorisation under the API access section.

Parners (resellers)

A superset of PMAPI is available to partners (also known as resellers) - this is called PMPAPI. We have prepared this guide to help partner integrators get started.

You'll know if you're a partner or not. If you're not a partner then you can safely ignore all documentation labelled with 'partner-auth only' (or similar).


Once you've got an account to work with, you'll need to decide on an authorisation method. We offer three types of authorisation: Hash (or Partner Hash), Token and OAuth. See our authorisation page for more information on each method.

Making requests

Requests made to the Permission Marketing API follow the standard RESTful request format (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD) with additional information to determine the request status and pagination.

We also support a number of error codes which contain some information about an error, should one occur. Please see the making requests page for more information.


The Permission Marketing API has a growing number of endpoints. We're committed to building a quality API and making our full feature set available soon. Please refer to the endpoints page for more information.

More endpoints will be added as the Permission Marketing API reaches maturity, so be sure to check back often or keep an eye on our Twitter!

Client libraries

We are building and maintaining a series of client libraries to handle requests, responses and authentication in multiple languages. We hope that these libraries will help you to integrate with the Permission Marketing API quickly and efficiently.


Many of our endpoints are best used in conjunction with others. Take a look at our examples to see how multiple endpoints can be used to create powerful marketing and CRM solutions with the Permission Marketing API.


You can find a number of helpful articles and step-by-step walkthroughs in our guides section. These may help if you get stuck.

Release log

We aim to release new functionality and improvements regularly. When we do, we'll list all the changes we're making in the release log. We'll also let you know by Twitter.


Each release will increment the Permission Marketing API's version. This won't affect your code though, because the URI's you request require the major version number only, for example /v1/exampleEndpoint. In this case, the latest v1.x.x version to be released will be available. Please see request format and release log for more information.

Our API reference material is versioned to match the Permission Marketing API version. We will notify you of preview documentation for breaking changes before a new version of the API is released. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop!