A RESTful API for managing every aspect of your permission marketing.

  • Storing and managing contacts,
  • sending email and SMS,
  • analysing your results and more…
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About our API

The new Permission Marketing API from Sign-Up.to enables you to easily integrate a whole host of powerful data management and online marketing tools with your platform or application.

Utilise our full range of permission marketing functionality, including subscriber collection and management tools, email and SMS campaign creation and bulk sending, advanced sending and targeting options, and detailed analytics.

With a selection of authorisation methods on offer and a full set of detailed documentation, you'll be up and running in no time. Check out our get started guide for more information.

Permission Marketing

Permission marketing begins with an individual declaring that they want to receive marketing materials from you. This is the first step in an ongoing conversation between brand and customer, and can form the basis for a truly effective, long-term relationship.

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